2014/09/29 13:01

Manual for downloading in the Collection page

We are going to demonstrate how to download or re-download items in the Collections page.

Browser support for Collections
Windows and macOS: Any recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari.
Internet Explorer support is not guaranteed.
※ The Collections pages is primarily designed for browsers. On smartphones, you should use the official App.
※ While you can use Collections as a Guest user, the functions are very limited. You should log in to access all features such as file download and playlists.


On every package of the Collections page, you'll find a button in the lower right that will open the tracklist of the album — triggering playback by clicking on the jacket will also automatically open the panel. At the bottom of the tracklist, you'll find a download button that allows you to re-download a Zip archive file containing all the tracks of the album — as well as additional files if any. We do not set any limit to re-downloading, even for articles that are not available to sale anymore.

OTOTOYの音源ダウンロード・システムはパソコン(Win / Mac)対応のシステムです。 Please note that file downloading on OTOTOY is designed for desktop computers (Windows, macOs, Linuxes)

  • Notice -

● On Windows: Your operating system might not be able to extract the files in a standard way. If you run into issues, you will have to use a different extraction software. At OTOTOY, we recommend you 7zip (a Free Software).
However, for files bigger than 4GB, you will have to use a specialized software, such as Explzh.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

● macOS You will likely run into issues when trying to extract files from archives bigger than 4GB. At OTOTOY, we recommend you use The Unarchiver software.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

If you have already setup you computer when purchasing an album, re-downloading files works the same way.

You can also use the search input on the top right to browse the albums of your Collections, filtering with Artist names, Track names or Album names.

Using the buttons on top, you can also sort the results by release date, download date and so on.

OTOTOY offers downloading files in various formats and bit rates, such as WAV/FLAC/ALAC. You will not be asked about it when clicking the download buttons in the collections, however it is possible to re-download in a different format. Please read the next section for more information.

Change the file format

To change the file format when re-downloading, you will have to go through the following steps. In the Collections page, click on the album menu (lower right of the jacket), and click on the “Jump to Album Page” link.

Then, select the format you want and add the album to the Cart. All formats available for re-download will be set to a price of ¥0.

Then, on the Cart page, check out as if you were purchasing the item. On the next step, instead of payment buttons, a “Free Download” button should appear. (Please note that if your cart also contains items not in your library yet, you will have to go through the usual purchasing steps)

Once done with this step, you will go through the usual purchase procedure, and be sent an email and a message on OTOTOY.
For more details, please refer to the point 6 of this page: