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How to buy

This is how you can buy tracks on OTOTOY.

Direct Download

Since April of 2018, we've added the possibility to acquire tracks without being logged into an OTOTOY account. Of course this is the case for Free Downloads but also for purchasing.

However, when purchasing without an account, the payment means are limited to PayPal, BitCash, Moritapo and Amazon Pay. You will need an OTOTOY account to purchase with OTOTOY points or with a credit card.

Also note that without an OTOTOY account, you have limited access to features. Tracks acquired, whether free or purchased, will not be available for streaming in the Collections page nor via the OTOTOY App on smartphones, and you won't be able to re-download them.

Purchase Procedure

Registration, Login

To be able to re-download tracks and remove restrictions on payment means, you should log in. If you already own an account, please stop by the Login Page. Otherwise, go to the Registration Page and create and account — for free.

Add tracks to the Cart

Before adding tracks to your cart, you can select a different file format in the drop-down menu.
The available formats are ALAC, FLAC, WAV, MP3, AAC — choice might be limited on certain items. Once decided, click the blue “Add the Album to the Cart” button.

Tracks can also be bought individually. Use the drop-down menu and the Cart button on each track row to do so.

※ DSD Packages will offer DSD files along files of the format you select during this step. ※ Individual track purchase is not available for DSD Packages and for some specific packages.

Once tracks are successfully added, a confirmation message like this will appear on your screen:

Then, on the upper-right of you screen, the cart icon will now have a badge indicating the number of tracks it contains. Now you've added tracks, let's check the contents of the Cart.

Contents of the Cart

You can see all the tracks you've added on the “Your Cart” page.

Delete Tracks Button: Removes the corresponding track(s) from the Cart Clear Cart Button: Removes all tracks from the Cart Add to INTERESTS Button: Moves the tracks from the Cart to the INTERESTS list underneath

※ When deleting tracks or moving them to the INTEREST list, the Total amount might not update correctly. Wait until the next step for a confirmation of the amount you will be charged for.

※ Caution: If you delete tracks of albums that are only sold as a whole, you will not be able to go to the payment page.

Once the Cart is filled as you wish, go ahead and click on the “Check out” button. Don't worry, you will not be billed yet!

4. Check Tracks & Select Payment Method

On this page, you can choose your payment method.

Scrolling downwards, you will find a section where you can use coupons and OTOTOY Points.

※ What are OTOTOY Points? When purchasing any item on the website, you will be awarded 1% of the amount in points. Then, before every purchase, you will be able to use any amount of these points to lower the Total amount.

There are 6 available payment means:

If you want to pay by credit card, you will have to register it before hand on the dedicated page: Register you Card. Your security code will be asked for each purchase (see next section).

Once you're done selecting your options, go to the next step. You will not be billed yet!

5. Payment Confirmation

Depending on your selected payment mean, this screen may be different. The following screenshot corresponds to a credit card payment.

If you chose to pay with a credit card, you will be asked to enter the Security Code of the card you've registered before.

※ What is the Security Code? It's a 3 digits — sometimes 4 — number that you'll find on the verso of your card.

You will also be asked a file encoding type. You should select the one that corresponds to your OS.

※ On OTOTOY, you will download files in a Zip archive format. Depending on your OS choice on this step, you might have troubles extracting the files from the archive, so check this option wisely. Still you will be able to re-download your purchase later with another encoding if you need to.

Finally, click on the “Place Your Order” button to end the procedure.
This is when you will be billed!

6. Final screen and download

Notice: The download steps have changed since January 2018.

If you arrive to this screen, it means you have successfully purchased the tracks. Thank you!

If you want to download the files right away, click on the “To Download Page” link.

The Download button on the bottom of the download page will serve you a Zip archive file containing all the tracks and albums you've purchased this time.

If you've purchased 5.6Mhz DSD files, the zip file may weight several gigabytes. Please be aware that the download could then take more than an hour to complete.

While waiting for your download to complete, you can also stream the tracks immediately in the Collections page or through the OTOTOY App for smartphones.

7. Purchase confirmation messages

As soon as you've reach the page described on the point 6, a confirmation message will be sent to your e-mail address and to your OTOTOY account inbox.

This message will contain a confirmation of the amount purchased and a link to the download page. See the example below:

Thank you for your purchase.

The URL to download is below

"Album Name" and more ({total tracks amount}) ¥x,xxx (Inc. Tax)

On PC browsers, tracks you bought are available to listen in form of streaming immediately on brand-new "Collections" page. It has offered the function of re-downloading of them, too. Easy only to click the cloud icon. Check them out. [https://ototoy.jp/collections/]

Also there is an app to listen OTOTOY music both for iOS and Android. You can enjoy tracks you bought immediately by stream as well if you install it.

8. Extracting zip files

Once your download is completed, extract files from the Zip archive files! If you've bought tracks from several albums, they will be in separate folders.

For Windows users:

Your operating system might not be able to extract the files in a standard way. If you run into issues, you will have to use a different extraction software. At OTOTOY, we recommend you 7zip (a Free Software).

However, for files bigger than 4GB, you will have to use a specialized software, such as Explzh. Sorry for the inconvenience.
For macOS users:

You will likely run into issues when trying to extract files from archives bigger than 4GB. At OTOTOY, we recommend you use The Unarchiver software. Sorry for the inconvenience.

9. About re-downloading

Your are able to download again — for free — any track you've bought on OTOTOY. If you are correctly logged into the account used for the purchase, you can still access the download links from your messages history or download individual items on the Collections page. ( more info )